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Intersex for parents.

Intersex for parents

This page is for new parents of an intersex child, prospective parents planning a pregnancy or undergoing genetic or preconception screening, and also parents of older children.

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Intersex for allies

How can you act as an ally to intersex people? This page contains introductory information and video resources.

Intersex in surveys and forms

Forms and data collection

Guidance on including people born with variations of sex characteristics in forms and other forms of data collection.

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Intersex intersectionalities with lesbian and gay communities

Morgan Carpenter, OII Australia board member, wrote and presented this paper at the After ‘Homosexual’ conference in Melbourne in February 2012. The focus is on intersectionalities with people experiencing same-sex attraction.

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Intersex intersectionalities with gender diversity

This page details some of the general differences and similarities between the experience of transgender/gender diverse and intersex individuals. In general, these comparisons reflect our understanding in Australia, but many of the same principles apply elsewhere.

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Teaching intersex issues

This report, on discussions on intersex in education, was published in June 2001. The analysis and recommendations are as valid today as they were then.

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Intersex and intersectionality

The rights and concerns of intersex people overlap and intersect with the rights and concerns of women, LGBT people, and disabled and racialised peoples.

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Media and style guide

If you are writing about intersex people, our bodies, identities and human rights concerns, this page outlines why we use words the way we do.