Personal stories

Personal stories and testimony, with a focus on testimony by people with intersex variations.

GNN interviews Tony Briffa: a new quest for human rights

MCV interviewes Tony Briffa

Rachel Cook in MCV/Gay News Network interviews Tony Briffa in a great extended review of Tony’s life and work, published today. On finding out about Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome and taking testosterone: At the age of 29, (after she had been in a straight marriage with a man for two years from 19 to 21 and…
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When is marriage equality not marriage equality?

I support marriage equality and acknowledge the great work done by Australian Marriage Equality (AME) over the years. I am disappointed however, that they are now pushing legislation in NSW and Tasmania that will exclude some intersex and trans people from marriage. This clearly is not “marriage equality” which is why I am calling on AME…
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Andrew Bock on intersex, in The Age newspaper

Christy North

A version of this article, by journalist Andrew Bock, was one of two published by The Age and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers on 20 June this year. This is the full original text of the feature article, with title and text as written and kindly made available for publication here by Andrew Bock. Intersexuality and…
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Equal Rights Trust: Testimony by Gina Wilson on rights for intersex people

The UK’s Equal Rights Trust has just published testimony by OII Australia president, Gina Wilson, in The Equal Rights Review, Vol. 10. Gina talks about her personal background, her work as an activist, and the issues we face in seeking human rights, including intersex and the sex binary, the medical model, invisibility in human rights…
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Transcript: Intersex people at a public hearing of the Senate Inquiry on involuntary sterilisation


Hansard transcripts of the March 2013 public hearings for the Senate Inquiry on involuntary or coerced sterilisation have been published. Several issues are striking, not least the commonalities between the medical treatment of intersex people and the medical treatment of people with disabilities. We are grateful for the support of disability organisations like People with…
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AutoStraddle: “Claudia Is Intersex, Let’s Talk About It”


AutoStraddle has recently published a great piece by OII USA Associate Director, Claudia Astorino. In the US, intersex has generally been left out of LGBTI (here in Australia, it’s typically put in, even in situations where an organisation doesn’t know much about intersex). Claudia talks about this in her article: Intersex is now being included…
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Ten years of ‘X’ passports, and no protection from discrimination

'X marks the spot' in the Western Australian newspaper, Perth 11 January 2003. Read at Bodies Like Ours

A note of caution: most people with intersex variations are simply men or women, with atypical sex characteristics. OII Australia acknowledges that people with intersex variations may be male, female, or identify with multiple or non-binary genders, just like other people. X passports are available not only to people with intersex variations, but also to…
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