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Personal stories and testimony, with a focus on testimony by people with intersex variations.

Christy North

Andrew Bock on intersex, in The Age newspaper

A version of this article, by journalist Andrew Bock, was one of two published by The Age and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers on 20 June this year. This is the full original text of the feature article, with title and text as written and kindly made available for publication here by Andrew Bock. Intersexuality and…
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XXXY movie image

Movie: XXXY (2000)

XXXY is a short, 13 minute movie by Porter Gale and Laleh Soomekh, then students at Stanford University Department of Art and Art History, and released in 2000. Watch the full movie can be watched here or via Vimeo.

Tony's story, animated

Tony’s personal story: an animation

Tony Briffa, OII Australia and AISSGA board member, talks about Tony’s experience as an intersex person in this animation for the NICHE IDAHO project.

Equal Rights Trust: Testimony by Gina Wilson on rights for intersex people

The UK’s Equal Rights Trust has just published testimony by OII Australia president, Gina Wilson, in The Equal Rights Review, Vol. 10. Gina talks about her personal background, her work as an activist, and the issues we face in seeking human rights, including intersex and the sex binary, the medical model, invisibility in human rights…
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Transcript: Intersex people at a public hearing of the Senate Inquiry on involuntary sterilisation

Hansard transcripts of the March 2013 public hearings for the Senate Inquiry on involuntary or coerced sterilisation have been published. Several issues are striking, not least the commonalities between the medical treatment of intersex people and the medical treatment of people with disabilities. We are grateful for the support of disability organisations like People with…
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'X marks the spot' in the Western Australian newspaper, Perth 11 January 2003. Read at Bodies Like Ours

Ten years of ‘X’ passports, and no protection from discrimination

Read about bodily integrity, and eliminating harmful practices Read about eugenics, prenatal screening and elimination Read about discrimination, and stigma Read about identification documents, sex and gender Important note: this paper should not be regarded as a guide to our current policy on identification documents. Our approaches have been informed by community-building and evidence-building, and…
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Jim Bruce for the Interface Project

No body is shameful

Advocates for Informed Choice, in the US, are auspicing a new project, the Interface Project, to gather video stories and spread the message that “No body is shameful”. Check it out!

Phoebe in New Idea

New Idea Mag: Intersex is “Shocking Discovery”, in one-pager on Phoebe Hart

INTERSEX documentary filmmaker Phoebe Hart appears in an article in popular Australian women’s magazine New Idea this week. The report ends by mentioning that she appears in Orchids: My Intersex Adventure this Sunday but not that she is the director. Other inaccuracies are scattered throughout the article. Some notes for journalists reporting on intersex: Even though some…
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