Events on, or including, issues relevant to intersex people. Includes Intersex Awareness Day, conferences, research studies, community consultation and forums. Browse speeches made by IHRA directors, with transcript, video or audio content.

National LGBT Health Alliance

OII Australia Joins National LGBT Health Alliance

We are pleased to announce that we have joined the National LGBT Health Alliance. I’m very pleased to confirm that your application for Full Membership of the National LGBT Health Alliance has been approved by the Board of Directors. The National LGBT Health Alliance is a member-based organisation, providing a framework for members to work…
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Wear it with pride

At the Wear It With Pride Launch

OII Australia was invited to attend the Wear It With Pride launch on the Opera House forecourt recently. Wear It With Pride celebrates the changing of 85 pieces of legislation that previously discriminated against same sex couples. The Federal Attorney General introduced these changes following the same sex enquiry conducted by the Australian Human Rights…
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Equal Love

Gina Wilson’s speech to the Equal Love Rally, Canberra, 7 November 2009

Friends, I am here today to support marriage equality. Let me tell you how that seems from an intersex perspective. First, a quick explanation of intersex. Intersex people are individuals who do not fit common perceptions of maleness and femaleness. Intersex people are individuals who have genetic, hormonal, congenital and other differences that might be…
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OII Australia logotype

Intersex Solidarity Day, Sunday 8th November, marking the birth of Herculine Barbin

Sunday 8th November is Intersex Solidarity Day and Herculine Barbin‘s Birthday. OII Australia and Organisation Intersex International would like to invite others to join us each year by commemorating November 8 as Intersex Solidarity Day. All human rights organizations, feminist allies, academics and gender specialists, as well as other groups and individuals interested in intersex…
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Corey Irlam

LGBTI outcomes from ALP National Conference

Media release by Australian Coalition for Equality, Monday 3 August 2009: The ALP National Conference produced steps forward for the LGBTI* community, despite continued opposition to same-sex marriage, gay activists say. Australian Coalition for Equality (ACE) spokesperson, Corey Irlam, labelled the outcomes of the conference “a dark cloud with a silver lining.” “The ALP has…
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Photographs, National Day of Action for Marriage Equality, Sydney

OII Australia’s media person attended the National Day of Action for Marriage Equality aka National Day of Action for Same-Sex Marriage at the Sydney Town Hall on Saturday, and the illegal marriage ceremony at Darling Harbour afterwards. We look forward to full and equal inclusion of intersex people in future such efforts for social and…
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