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What human rights are affected by early medical intervention?

What human rights are affected by early medical interventions aimed at “normalising” the bodies of intersex infants, children and adolescents? The Yogyakarta Principles In particular Principle 18: B: Take all necessary legislative, administrative and other measures to ensure that no child’s body is irreversibly altered by medical procedures in an attempt to impose a gender…
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On intersex birth registrations

Intersex people in several Australian are able to obtain an administrative correction of intersex birth registrations, including correction to male, female, or (in some cases) blank designation. Note: in some jurisdictions, such as New South Wales, the rules for people changing sex marker on birth certificates (whether intersex or not) can be onerous, particularly when…
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Style guide: on intersex and terminology

Third International Intersex Forum, 2013

A style guide to describing intersex people, intersex bodies, and the issues facing the intersex community. The guide, designed primarily for journalists and writers, contains video, audio and photographic content to illustrate the diversity of intersex identities, bodies and characteristics…

More on intersex terminology

THERE are two fundamental issues that must be considered when considering terminology around intersex. Scientific nomenclature of intersex: INTERSEX is a scientific term that describes all differences of sex biology within the animal kingdom that are not hermaphroditic. Terminology such as “hermaphrodite”, “pseudo-hermaphrodite”, “disorders” and “conditions” have been used in some medical literature to describe…
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On a third sex

THE creation of a new category to be designated intersex poses several problems. First of all, how do we define intersex? OII believes that there will be never a clear definition and at the same time, that it is not necessary to have a legal definition for intersex. We have no clear definitions for what…
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