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Safe Schools Coalition symposium image: 3 school kids looking at an iPad

Safe Schools Coalition Symposium

Morgan Carpenter will run a workshop on intersex inclusion at the 2015 National Safe Schools Symposium on Thursday 30 July in Sydney. The event takes place at The Refectory (Main Hall), Holme Building, in the University of Sydney.

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Schoolbook on “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity”, and intersex status

We have recently received a copy of “Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity”, a schoolbook by Australian publisher The Spinney Press in their “Issues in Society” series. It also contains content on intersex people and intersex issues. That content includes an intersex for allies guide, and “It’s time to defend intersex rights“, an article on the…
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Safe Schools Coalition launch and participation request

The Safe Schools Coalition Australia project has recently been launched, and both OII Australia and AISSGA provided some assistance to help turn a Victoria-based LGBT program into a national intersex-inclusive program. More work is being done (intersex is not about sexual or gender diversity) and that work includes hopes for intersex inclusion in the program’s…
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Submission on the health education curriculum

On 30 July we made a submission on the draft national Health and Physical Education curriculum, proposing meaningful inclusion that recognises intersex as a biological phenomenon.

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Teaching intersex issues

This report, on the ways that intersex is used by educators, was published in June 2001. The analysis and recommendations are as valid today as they were then.