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These pages present public submissions, events and other materials relevant to Victoria. Please also review our policy briefings.

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Community consultation forum for parents, Victoria Department of Health

Victoria Department of Health is holding a consultation forum for parents of children with intersex variations. There’s no reason why parents of intersex adults (particularly young adults) shouldn’t attend the consultation – your perspective and hindsight may even be helpful. From the Department: Based on feedback from community support organisations and other stakeholders, the Victorian…
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Community consultation forum, Victoria Department of Health

The Victoria Department of Health is holding a community consultation forum for intersex people/people with intersex variations, on Wednesday 19 February. The event will be held at Drummond Street Services, 195 Drummond Street, Carlton, between 6pm and 8pm. All intersex people are welcome to attend and participate. The event will consider priority health issues, service…
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We welcome the VEOHRC Guidelines for General Practitioners

We welcome the publication of guidelines for general practitioners by the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission. With our input, it includes a good statement about what constitutes discrimination by family doctors towards intersex people. The statement reads: Intersex people are a distinct group from transgender people and may experience different forms of discrimination….
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Morgan speaking at the Geelong Pathways to healthcare event

Healthcare pathways for intersex people

Morgan Carpenter and Tony Briffa (OII Australia) and Bonnie Hart (AISSGA) spoke on intersex healthcare in Geelong in October. The event also discussed healthcare pathways for transgender and gender diverse youth. Morgan gave a presentation: Tony and Bonnie participated in a panel discussion with Dr Nate Reid and Tracy Whitmore:

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Intersex Awareness Day, 2013

Here are this year’s Intersex Awareness Day words, by Morgan Carpenter, OII Australia president.

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Andrew Bock on intersex, in The Age newspaper

A version of this article, by journalist Andrew Bock, was one of two published by The Age and Sydney Morning Herald newspapers on 20 June this year. This is the full original text of the feature article, with title and text as written and kindly made available for publication here by Andrew Bock. Intersexuality and…
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Tony and Manja

Congratulations, Tony and Manja!

Tony Briffa, our Vice President, is getting married to Manja today in council chambers in Dunedin, NZ. Tony is a Councillor and former Mayor of Hobsons Bay, Victoria.

Tony Briffa on ABC’s 7.30 report

I am a combination of male and female. That is the way that nature made me. And there’s nothing wrong with that. OII Australia and AISSGA board member Tony Briffa appeared in a segment on intersex, trans and gender diverse people tonight on ABC’s 7.30 current affairs programme and a matching news article. Tony did…
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