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Important new protocols for intersex kids in Victoria

An important new medical protocol has just been released by the Health Department of Victoria today. We welcome this very important improvement in how intersex children are treated, and will provide a full analysis at the weekend. In the immediate term, we can advise that OII Australia’s key intervention came shortly after publication of the…
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Intersexion movie flyer

Intersexion returns: 24 February (Syd), 17 March (Mel)

Intersexion returns for a screening at Dendy Newtown as part of the Mardi Gras Film Festival on Sunday 24 February at 5pm, and a first screening in Melbourne at the ACMI Studio as part of the Melbourne Queer Film Festival on Sunday 17 March at 12pm. The two previous public screenings in Sydney have both…
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Tony Briffa joins OII Australia

Councillor Tony Briffa JP has joined OII Australia. Tony has been working as an intersex activist for 15 years; along with Michael Noble and Chris Somers XXY, our vice president, this means that all of Australia’s first intersex activists are members of OII Australia. A deep commitment to Tony’s local community saw Tony re-elected as…
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Identification document

Breakthrough: XXY researchers acknowledge not all XXY people are male

Researchers at a cluster of Melbourne medical institutes, hospitals and universities have acknowledged in a letter to the editor of the International Journal of Andrology, The Official Journal of the European Academy of Andrology, that not all people with the XXY karyotype are male and that some may be female and some may be intersex….
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Wei Ling Lean, Melbourne Medical School: “Anatomical and cosmetic outcomes of feminizing genital surgery for intersex disorders”

This report focuses on the cosmetic outcomes of non-consensual cosmetic genital surgery performed on infants. OII Australia regards such surgeries as reprehensible, and wishes to see them cease. From the abstract: Issues of childhood genital surgery in individuals with genital ambiguity remain controversial. Poor results reported in some centres triggered questioning of the appropriateness of…
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