Western Australia

These pages present public submissions, events and other materials relevant to Western Australia. Please also review our policy briefings.

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Intersex people and the federal election 2022

What do the main political parties have to say about people with intersex variations and our needs and circumstances during this federal election campaign? Watch the election forum, read the transcript, and read our briefing and election survey responses.

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My Body/My Choice: Make space to talk about intersex human rights

I’m a WA representative for Intersex Peer Support Australia (IPSA), a national intersex-led charity that provides peer support to people with intersex variations and our families. In my role, I get to meet many other people with intersex variations and parents.

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Submission to the Law Reform Commission of WA

Debate about legal gender recognition in Western Australia has thankfully shifted the debate in Australia from one focused on the recognition of non-binary gender categories to one that questions the necessity of legal registration of sex and gender at all.

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Morgan Carpenter: Diversity & power in mental health services, addressing structural violence

Morgan Carpenter spoke at The Mental Health Services Conference in Perth this August, as part of an intersectional symposium entitled Diversity & power in mental health services, Addressing structural violence. The conference is the largest and longest running multidisciplinary mental health conference in Australasia: TheMHS Conference attracts over 1000 mental health clinicians, managers, consumers, carers/families,…
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Senator Louise Pratt

Thank you, Senators Louise Pratt and Sue Boyce

Today is the last day of office for two Senators who have played a key role in the pursuit of human rights and better health outcomes for intersex people in Australia, and we thank them both for their commitment and work.

Chris Somers XXY, self portrait, 2013

Chris Somers xxy, Tracy Reibel and David Whyatt: Intersex and androgyny and implications for provision of primary health care

Chris Somers xxy (vice-president of OII Australia) and colleagues present an analysis of intersex issues for primary healthcare providers. Chris Somers xxy is a national and international intersex activist with a M.Ed. By Research (UWA); concerning Androgyny; B.Ed. (Melb); Hons Dip Creative Photography (Trent Polytechnic now Trent University, UK); who has worked in a number…
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