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Different priorities

Different priorities

  Ever feel like there are different priorities? Folks talk with us about birth certificates. We talk about health, sterilisation, bodily autonomy and peer support. #intersex Download and share Download “different priorities” poster (PDF) Share on social media Share on Facebook Share on Tumblr Ever feel there are different priorities? #intersex #health #coercive-practices — OII…
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Intersex Awareness Day, 2014

Yellow orchid

October 26 is Intersex Awareness Day. People with intersex variations are born with atypical physical sex characteristics. We face a range of health and human rights issues — and deep-seated stigma — caught between two contrasting visions of who and how we should be. On the one hand, this includes medical interventions in infancy and…
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Submission on the ethics of genetic selection against intersex traits

Genetic selection is already an LGBTI issue

OII Australia has just made a submission to the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) in relation to a review of Part B of the Ethical Guidelines on the Use of Assisted Reproductive Technology in Clinical Practice and Research, 2007 (ART guidelines). Part B of the ART guidelines provides ethical guidelines for the clinical…
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It’s time to stop cosmetic genital surgery on intersex infants

It's time to stop

It’s time to stop. In 2013, cosmetic genital surgeries still take place on intersex infants in Australia to make them “appear normal”. The surgeries are carried out primarily for social reasons: fears of family and social stigma. Clinicians themselves acknowledge that there is no firm evidence of good outcomes, especially for sexual function and sensation….
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An intersex flag

Statement on the Senate report ‘Involuntary or coerced sterilisation of intersex people in Australia’

We struggle a bit with symbols for intersex, and people with intersex variations; many of us don’t see the need for them, while other people seem to like something to identify with. There is no commonly understood symbol or flag, even within intersex communities. Many attempts have seemed derivative, of a rainbow flag, of gendered…
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Intersex people have all sorts of sexual orientations

Intersex people have all sorts of sexual orientations

New poster “Intersex people have all sorts of sexual orientations.” Intersex people may choose to be part of LGBTI because of our shared experience of homophobia, but “heterosexual” is not the opposite of LGBTI. Click to download (PDF, A3, scalable). More information: Intersex for allies.

Intersex people have all sorts of gender identities

Intersex people have all sorts of gender identities

New poster Intersex people have all sorts of gender identities. Assuming that intersex people automatically have a non-binary gender identity mis-genders most of us. Having a non-binary gender identity does not automatically make you intersex. Click to download (PDF, A3, scalable). Also on Tumblr. More information: Intersex for allies.

Think Global, Act Local

Think global, act local. And act global too

Poster “Think Global, Act Local. And Act Global Too.” Tap the image to download a resizable PDF poster.

I support intersex equality

I support equality...

Poster “I support equality & human rights for all my intersex family & friends.” Tap the image to download a resizable PDF poster.

If only XX and XY…

If only XX...

Poster “If only XX = female and only XY = male then how do you account for X0, XXY, XYY, XXYY, XXXY, XY/X0, XX/X0, XX/XY,…” Tap the image to download a resizable PDF poster.

Australian, intersex and need testosterone?

Intersex & need testosterone?

Intersex people in Australia who need testosterone as an essential part or as all of their HRT – hormone replacement therapy – become the collateral damage of overzealous state and federal government rules and regulations, it seems. In the related article on this website, Morgan writes… At both state and federal levels, legislation is designed…
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