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Film, TV and video about intersex people and issues.

Tony Briffa on ABC’s 7.30 report

I am a combination of male and female. That is the way that nature made me. And there’s nothing wrong with that. OII Australia and AISSGA board member Tony Briffa appeared in a segment on intersex, trans and gender diverse people tonight on ABC’s 7.30 current affairs programme and a matching news article. Tony did…
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Intersex flag

An intersex flag

We have struggled with symbols used to denote intersex people, so Morgan created one that is free for the world to use.

Jim Bruce for the Interface Project

No body is shameful

Advocates for Informed Choice, in the US, are auspicing a new project, the Interface Project, to gather video stories and spread the message that “No body is shameful”. Check it out!

Gina Wilson interviewed by Beyond Blue

Gina Wilson interviewed for new BeyondBlue campaign

BeyondBlue, the national initiative on depression has launched a new LGBTI campaign, with a series of excellent videos from members of LGBTI communities. Gina Wilson, president of OII Australia, is one of those people.

Chris in Orchids

Orchids: Chris Somers xxy interviewed

Chris Somers xxy, Vice President of OII Australia, features in this video segment from Orchids: My Intersex Adventure, via a nice piece by Anna North on Buzzfeed via the Huffington Post. Hart was diagnosed with androgen insensitivity syndrome — in which the body is chromosomally male but doesn’t respond to testosterone… In the film, she…
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NZ Herald: Mani Mitchell on being intersex

In anticipation of the first showing of a full documentary version of Intersexion, Mani Mitchell has been interviewed by the New Zealand Herald. It’s a great piece, which shows Mani’s humanity as well as Mani’s own perspective on surgery, one that is shared by very many intersex people: She remembers being eight-years-old and going in…
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“SPORK”: how to normalize intersex

“SPORK”: how to normalize intersex

Here’s a positive example of normalisation: a director who writes an intersex character successfully and in a positive way, in a comedy movie. Spork – from the North American equivalent of the Splayd, “not a spoon, not a fork, but both, a Spork” – is lead character in an “age-old coming of age tale of fitting in…
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Intersexion movie flyer

Video: Intersex documentary “Intersexion”

Long awaited documentary about the experiences of a number of intersex people around the world, Intersexion, was made for New Zealand television broadcaster TV One by Grant Lahood with the assistance of Wellington-resident intersex activist and counsellor Mani Bruce Mitchell.