Media reports

Various media reports on intersex issues.

Phoebe Hart writes on media coverage of intersex

Photo of Phoebe Hart

In the wake of some objectifying news coverage of intersex bodies in Australian, UK and international media, Phoebe Hart of the AISSGA writes an important piece on “My intersex body: more than an object of fascination or repulsion to be ‘fixed’” in the UK Independent newspaper. While I am sure Dr Michael Mosely’s account of…
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Tony Briffa on “coming out” as intersex

Tony Briffa in the Star Observer

“Coming out” means something different for people with intersex variations, in contrast to the experience of LGB and trans/gender diverse people. Throughout childhood Briffa learned, often one piece at a time, the details of the intersex variation Briffa was born with: at five, that Briffa couldn’t have children; at 11, that Briffa wouldn’t have periods;…
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I am intersex: Georgie Yovanovic’s story

ABC Alice Springs: Georgie's story

We would like to thank Georgie Yovanovic, and ABC journalist Emma Sleath, for this personal interview published by ABC Alice Springs. Georgie is a spokesperson for Sisters and Brothers NT. Most people assume that Georgie Yovanovic is transgender. She identifies as a female, often dresses as a female and displays many of the traits commonly…
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I am intersex: Shon Klose’s story

ABC Alice Springs, interview with Shon Klose

We would like to thank Shon Klose, and ABC journalist Emma Sleath, for this personal interview published by ABC Alice Springs. Shon is the diversity spokesperson for Sisters and Brothers NT. There are a lot of people out there who are experiencing trauma and mental health issues because of the way they’ve been treated in…
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Media reporting: the real intersex scandal

Claudia Astorino

Right now, we can’t think of any other form of bodily diversity that is subject to such relentless negative and salacious press coverage, and so rare a case of positive reporting. For people who have not been following the story of Taylor Chandler, who reports she was born intersex and recently in a relationship with…
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European Commissioner for Human Rights issues powerful statement on intersex rights

Council of Europe Human Rights Commissioner

Nils Muižnieks, the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights has just issued a powerful statement on the rights of intersex people. It acknowledges a history of surgeries without consent, and our rights to self-determination and physical integrity. It acknowledges a need for greater public awareness, and better support for parents, families and intersex children:…
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