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OII Australia thanks Gilbert + Tobin

OII Australia wishes to extend its sincere thanks and appreciation to law firm Gilbert + Tobin for their invaluable help in establishing Organisation Intersex International in Australia. We especially wish to thank Darren Fittler and his assistant Tamara Sim for assistance with incorporation, and Lauren Eade and Lisa Lennon for trademark research. Gilbert + Tobin…
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Our statement of dissent

OII is working to end NON-CONSENSUAL normalization treatments of intersex children and adults without consultation with the individual intersex person. We oppose all consensus statements, especially those without representation of intersex people as equal stakeholders in the consensus. We have no desire for any consensus statement because intersex people do not agree on: The exact…
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On health care

OUR societies have accepted a binary construct between male and female which does not reflect Nature and the enormous variety of possible sexes which overlap one another in various gradations on a spectrum with male at one end and female at the other. The arbitrary division of biological sex into only two categories makes all…
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On a third sex

THE creation of a new category to be designated intersex poses several problems. First of all, how do we define intersex? OII believes that there will be never a clear definition and at the same time, that it is not necessary to have a legal definition for intersex. We have no clear definitions for what…
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On medical diagnoses and health information

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OII is very sensitive to the individual’s right to privacy concerning medical information and does not require any release of medical information or any diagnosis to be a member of our support groups or organisation. OII members are instructed not to ask for a medical diagnosis from any member, leaving each member free to volunteer…
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AHRC “Sex Files” concluding paper released

Australian Human Rights Commission: The Sex Files

The Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has released Sex Files: the legal recognition of sex in documents and government records, and this paper is available for download as a PDF or Word .DOC at here. Here are some items in the paper that mention intersex: 13.1 The focus of the sex and gender diversity project…
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