Policy statements

Policy statements by OII Australia on health and human rights issues.

Intersex people and identification documents

'X marks the spot' in the Western Australian newspaper, Perth 11 January 2003. Read at Bodies Like Ours

From a Bill before the ACT Assembly, a Queensland review shortly to commence, and the case of Norrie, a trans person seeking recognition of a non-binary gender identity, there is much speculation in Australia regarding birth certificates and identification documents. Internationally, relevant legal changes have taken place in Germany and Argentina. This detailed briefing paper…
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Revised policy on identification documents

Identification documents

At our board meeting on 10 November we agreed a slight revision to our policy on personal identification documents, to support more opt in choices. While sex or gender markers are still required, we believe that adults and consenting minors should be free to choose, and children should be protected from harm. Ideally, we would…
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Why intersex is not a gender identity, and the implications for legislation

Introduction Numerous Australian reports have tended to presuppose that intersex people, like gay men, lesbians and transgender people, are included in legal frameworks to protect on the basis of “sexual orientation and gender identity”. This is not the case, and this article attempts to clarify why not. In brief, people born with intersex variations have…
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‘ISGD’ and the appropriation of intersex

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“I’ve been waiting for years for you to show up. It’s clear that transsexuals are not going to get our rights until intersexuals do.” (quoted by Suzanne Kessler, 1998) “Intersex is not one but many sites of contested being, [with] temporally sutured biomedical, political and social imperatives… ‘Intersex’ is a sign constantly under erasure, whose…
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