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If you are writing about intersex people, our bodies, identities and human rights concerns, this page outlines why we use words the way we do.

Style guide

Style guide: on intersex and terminology

A style guide to describing intersex people, intersex bodies, and the issues facing the intersex community. The guide, designed primarily for journalists and writers, contains video, audio and photographic content to illustrate the diversity of intersex identities, bodies and characteristics…

Statement on the Senate report ‘Involuntary or coerced sterilisation of intersex people in Australia’

Resources listing

This page is a curated listing of key resources available on our site. It is occasionally updated.

Nature, Volume 428 Issue 6984, 15 April 2004

Tony Briffa: “Intersex surgery disregards children’s human rights”

Five years ago, Tony Briffa had a letter published in the journal Nature. The issues it raises remain to be addressed: Countries across the world, along with the United Nations, have long recognized the rights of children to physical integrity and have banned the practice of female genital mutilation. True, the operations performed on children…
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OII Australia thanks Gilbert + Tobin

OII Australia wishes to extend its sincere thanks and appreciation to law firm Gilbert + Tobin for their invaluable help in establishing Organisation Intersex International in Australia. We especially wish to thank Darren Fittler and his assistant Tamara Sim for assistance with incorporation, and Lauren Eade and Lisa Lennon for trademark research. Gilbert + Tobin…
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