Key or significant press reports on, by, or about OII Australia, our people, and our work. Articles that received significant press attention are also included, with links to press reports.

New resources for allies, parents and service providers!

Resources for allies, parents, and service providers

OII Australia and ACON announce three new resources to explain intersex to the LGBT* and broader communities, service providers and parents. The resources have been produced by OII Australia, a national intersex-led Public Benevolent Institution that promotes human rights and health issues, and ACON, a leading LGBTI* health promotion organisation in NSW. OII and ACON…
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Salvation Army: intersex people “Made in God’s image”

Salvation Army

Tony Briffa held a training and education event for the Salvation Army at the Mitcham Corps in Victoria on 3 April. An article about the event has now been posted to the Salvation Army’s Australian website. The training addressed ethical and privacy issues, and suggested best practice approaches. Tony said that the intersex community is…
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Women athletes forced to undergo clitorectomies to compete

BMJ: Sex, Health and Athletes

The British Medical Journal has today published an article on the current policies of the IOC, IAAF and FIFA, reporting that several women have recently been coerced into “partial clitoridectomies” and gonadectomies (removal of gonads) in order to compete. Partial clitoridectomies/clitorectomies are understood to be a form of Female Genital Mutilation. The authors note that…
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GNN interviews Tony Briffa: a new quest for human rights

MCV interviewes Tony Briffa

Rachel Cook in MCV/Gay News Network interviews Tony Briffa in a great extended review of Tony’s life and work, published today. On finding out about Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome and taking testosterone: At the age of 29, (after she had been in a straight marriage with a man for two years from 19 to 21 and…
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Cross-party speeches on intersex health in the Australian Senate

In the Commonwealth Parliament tonight, senators from each of the three main parties gave extraordinary and powerful speeches. We heard clear recognition that the medical treatment of intersex people is a human rights issue, that intersex is not a disorder, and that intersex people must be heard.