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Reviews of peer-reviewed and other significant articles in science and medical journals.

“Fixed at birth”, paper by Aileen Kennedy

UNSW Law Journal

With kind permission from both author and journal, we are pleased to share a paper by Aileen Kennedy entitled “Fixed at birth: Medical and legal erasures of intersex variations”, published earlier this year by the UNSW Law Journal. There is complicity between the medical and the legal construction of variations of sex development as pathological…
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Intersex human rights: addressing harmful practices and rhetoric of change

Reproductive Health Matters

OII Australia co-chair Morgan Carpenter has been published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Reproductive Health Matters. Here is the article abstract: Intersex people and bodies have been considered incapable of integration into society. Medical interventions on often healthy bodies remain the norm, addressing perceived familial and cultural demands, despite concerns about necessity, outcomes, conduct and…
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Alice Dreger: Do you have to pee standing up to be a real man?

Alice Dreger: Do You Have to Pee Standing Up to Be a Real Man?

Alice Dreger, professor of clinical medical humanities and bioethics at the Northwestern University, USA, writes on hypospadias in Pacific Standard, The Science of Society: the simple idea that a real man has to pee standing up “has put a surprising number of babies under the knife”. Hypospadias is likely more common than widely understood: In…
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On the number of intersex people

This article reviews available data on the number of intersex people. It does not review legal sex assignments, gender identities or sexual orientations, and nor does it discuss the diverse ways in which people born with intersex traits understand bodies, sexes and genders. Demographic data: language preferences, identifications, medicalisation, marriage and more. Definitions of intersex…
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