Marriage and relationships

Marriage and relationships issues.

First thoughts on the NSW Marriage Equality Bill

An inter-party group of parliamentarians in New South Wales have gotten together to establish a working group on marriage equality, and proposals have just been published in a consultation draft. While we’re pleased to see a cross-party collaboration, we have to admit to some very significant concerns about the proposals. Firstly, despite a suggestion from…
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Intersex people and marriage, an analysis by Gina Wilson

In the light of debate around same sex marriage, marriage equality and the legal recognition of intersex people, Gina Wilson writes on the marriage rights of intersex people. The first thing to address is our right to marriage of any sort. When the Howard government proposed changes to the definition in the Marriage Act so…
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Rodney Croome of Australian Marriage Equality on intersex and same sex marriage

Rodney Croome of Australian Marriage Equality is reported as having given GNN/SX News the following statement: “In Tasmanian law everyone is legally considered either male or female, including intersex people, so everyone not able to marry under the federal opposite-sex marriage law would be able to marry under the state same-sex marriage law,” Croome told…
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“Same sex marriage” is not “marriage equality”

OII Australia welcomes the progress made today on marriage equality in New Zealand. We are hugely disappointed that Tasmania’s same sex marriage bill fails to extend marriage equality to all adult couples excluded from federal marriage legislation. Is it fundamental to human nature to always choose to exclude someone from the same fundamental human rights…
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Senate enquiry into marriage equality: Gina Wilson (OII Aus) and Chris Meney (Catholic ‘Life, Marriage & Family Centre’) testify


On 4 May 2012, the federal Senate received oral submissions on the issue of marriage equality in a session at the NSW State Parliament. The raw transcript is enlightening about local Catholic hierarchy attitudes towards intersex people. Here, Senator Louise Pratt, Senator for Western Australia, asks a question of Chris Meney, of the Catholic ‘Life,…
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