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This page is a curated listing of key resources available on our site. It is occasionally updated.

The basics

Intersex for allies.

Intersex for allies


Intersex for parents.

Intersex for parents

Human rights reports

Healthcare and medicine

Bodily integrity: image of a blade

Find out more about bodily integrity and human rights violations on intersex people

Discrimination in different settings

Equals symbol

Intersex people can experience discrimination due to our physical characteristics and assumptions about our identities


Venn diagram showing three intersecting circles

Intersex intersectionalities


Style guide

Style guide for journalists and writers

Identity and identification documents

Identification document

Intersex people have diverse sex classifications and gender identities. This page presents background information and guidance on how to respect the diversity of intersex lived experience.

Data collection

Intersex in forms

Including intersex people in forms


Intersex flag

An intersex flag

On Intersex Human Rights Australia