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What human rights are affected by early medical intervention?

What human rights are affected by early medical interventions aimed at “normalising” the bodies of intersex infants, children and adolescents? The Yogyakarta Principles In particular Principle 18: B: Take all necessary legislative, administrative and other measures to ensure that no child’s body is irreversibly altered by medical procedures in an attempt to impose a gender…
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poster reading "I support equality & human rights for all my intersex family and friends."

I support intersex equality

Poster “I support equality & human rights for all my intersex family & friends.” Tap the image to download a resizable PDF poster.


London Telegraph: “IAAF offers to pay for Caster Semenya’s gender surgery if she fails verification test”

Disturbing news in the London Telegraph: The International Association of Athletics Federations has offered to pay Caster Semenya’s medical expenses should she require gender surgery or other treatment to continue competing as a woman. The IAAF is still awaiting the final results of the gender verification test carried out on the South African teenager during…
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detail from the 2009 annual report

NSW Anti-Discrimination Board (NSW ADB) Annual Report 2008-2009 Released

The Anti-Discrimination Board’s 2008-2009 Annual Report has been published. On page 27 it includes a blunt assessment of the lack of protection for intersex people anywhere in Australia: Intersex discrimination – intersex people are not protected against discrimination anywhere in Australia External link: ADB Annual Report 2008-2009

Lili Elbe ur Boken

Lili Elbe in her own words

Below is reproduced a letter written by Lili Elbe née Einar Wegener in 1930 shortly before the surgery that would lead to her death. The searing tragedy of her situation could not be clearer. The dangerous medical advice she had already been given and that resulted in tissue necrosis was surpassed by the attempted transplant…
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Richard Goldschmidt: “Intersexuality and the Endocrine Aspect of Sex”

Richard Goldschmidt, in proposing the term intersex, noted the limitations of previous terminology and the significance of his different approach to the subject. Goldschmidt proposed that better terminology was needed when intersex was viewed from the then new perspective of “cytology, genetics, teratology, physiology, serology, endocrinology, etc.” He also invited endocrinologists to view sex differentiation…
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