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Emi Koyama at Bioethics Forum: “Why I am Suspicious of Bioethics”

Although OII Australia does not favour the use of “condition” in connection with intersex; this article encapsulates the problems of intersex ‘normalization’ and especially the chemical ‘normalization’ of unborn children. I fear that the campaign to hold the main propagator of the dexamethasone treatment accountable would, if not accompanied by sustained challenges to more fundamental…
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poster reading "Think global, act local. And act global too."

Think Global, Act Local

Poster “Think Global, Act Local. And Act Global Too.” Tap the image to download a resizable PDF poster.

launch event

At the Wear It With Pride Launch

OII Australia was invited to attend the Wear It With Pride launch on the Opera House forecourt recently. Wear It With Pride celebrates the changing of 85 pieces of legislation that previously discriminated against same sex couples. The Federal Attorney General introduced these changes following the same sex enquiry conducted by the Australian Human Rights…
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announcement - icon of a megaphone Letter of Concern From Bioethicists

The following letter has been sent to: the FDA Office of Pediatric Therapeutics; the HHS Office for Human Research Protections; Mount Sinai Medical Center (Dr. New’s current institution); Weill Medical School of Cornell University (from which much of this treatment appears to have been administered, under Dr. New’s guidance); Florida International University (where Dr. New…
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Bioethics Forum: Fetal Cosmetology

Hilde Lindemann, Ellen Feder and Alice Dreger comment on prenatal use of dexamethasone to modify appearance and gender expression associated with Congenital adrenal hyperplasia: There’s a common misperception that, now that the Johns Hopkins psychologist John Money is gone, so are all the ethical problems with the way people with genital anomalies are treated. Not…
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Chris Somers XXY, self portrait, 2013

Chris Somers xxy, Tracy Reibel and David Whyatt: Intersex and androgyny and implications for provision of primary health care

Chris Somers xxy (vice-president of OII Australia) and colleagues present an analysis of intersex issues for primary healthcare providers. Chris Somers xxy is a national and international intersex activist with a M.Ed. By Research (UWA); concerning Androgyny; B.Ed. (Melb); Hons Dip Creative Photography (Trent Polytechnic now Trent University, UK); who has worked in a number…
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Katrina Karkazis, “Fixing Sex” (recommended reading)

Published in November 2008, Fixing Sex: Intersex, Medical Authority, and Lived Experience by Katrina Karkazis is compelling and recommended reading. Meticulously researched and approachable in style, it presents a historical analysis of the treatment of intersex people, together with an analysis of both current medical practice and the impact on intersex people and our families….
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