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The Silent, LOTL, June 2009

Karin: “The Silent”

LOTL have published a feature by OII Australia member Karin on “The Silent”. PROFESSOR Milton Diamond of the University of Hawaii’s Pacific Center for Sex and Society estimates the prevalence of intersex – having biological characteristics both male and female – as 1 in 100. Some academics believe the ratio of intersex people in the…
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Photo by Karin

Karin: “Fact, fiction and intersex lives”

In a world as heavily mediated as ours, where the boundary between reality staged for entertainment and reality documented for information is blurred, and sometimes lost altogether, works of fiction often encroach upon the territory of fact – the danger is that we may not be able to tell the difference. That certainly happens when…
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poster reading "I am not a disorder of sex development!"

I am not a DSD

Poster “I am not a Disorder of Sex Development!” Tap the image to download a resizable PDF poster.

a poster reading "Proud to be Intersex!"

Proud to be Intersex

Poster “Proud to be Intersex!” Tap the image to download a resizable PDF poster.

no photography: a camera with a line through it, with the image encircled

Intersex people and photography: US hospital staff photograph unconscious intersex person’s genitals

OII Australia is sensitive towards photographic depictions of intersex individuals. The reasons for OII Australia’s sensitivity are exemplified in this article about non-consensual photography. We can’t help but wonder if the photographic voyeurism, and staff attitudes towards this person’s body, impacted on the quality of care that was given – the person is known to…
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More on intersex terminology

There are two fundamental issues that must be considered when considering terminology around intersex. Intersex is a scientific term that describes all differences of sex biology within the animal kingdom that are not hermaphroditic…