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Five years of the not-for-profit company

…company is officially incorporated. The founder members and directors are Morgan Carpenter, Karin Gottschalk, Jo Proctor, Priscilla Quirk, Chris Somers and Gina Wilson. Gina is the founding president. 12 May 2010: Michael Noble writes on representations of Klinefelter Syndrome. 22 May 2010: Gina gives a TEDx talk in Sydney. 2010: The movie Orchids, My Intersex Adventure, by AISSGA’s Phoebe and Bonnie Hart, is released. It includes segments with C…

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Genomics and genetic selection

…tersex-Related Research Must Have Direct Input from Intersex Community’ by Morgan Carpenter, in the Star Observer, 21 October 2015. → Millions of dollars of Australian research funds go towards discovery of genetic causes of intersex variations. Rationales for such research have included “psychological trauma” (University of Queensland undated), yet no public funds support intersex-led peer and family support to address this issue. Medicine and Na…

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Moving forward

…our joint Executive Directors as of 1 December 2016. Both Tony Briffa and Morgan Carpenter will be contracted part time on systemic advocacy, health and human rights work for Australians with intersex traits. A key initial task will be to develop a business plan for the organisation, but we also expect both Morgan and Tony to increase our availability, our visibility and our engagement in Australia and internationally. We would like to extend our…

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Domestic and family violence

…tion Intersex International Australia, Eve Black, Kylie Bond, Tony Briffa, Morgan Carpenter, et al. 2017. ‘Darlington Statement’. Asquith, Nicole L., Anneke Collison, Lisa Lewis, Kai Noonan, Eloise Layard, Guneet Kaur, Fernanda Bellei, and Erdem Yigiter. 2019. ‘Home Is Where Our Story Begins: CALD LGBTIQ+ People’s Relationships to Family’. Current Issues in Criminal Justice 31 (3): 311–32. doi:10.1080/10345329….

Royal College of Pathologists of Australia

Challenging bad practice in pathology

…have been published in its current form and it should be withdrawn. From: Morgan Carpenter Subject: RCPA Position Statement on testing of transgender and intersex persons Date: 24 May 2021 at 3:51:20 pm AEST To: [REDACTED NAME] Dear [REDACTED NAME] Thank you very much for returning my call just now. I am a bioethicist and a co-executive director of Intersex Human Rights Australia (IHRA). IHRA is a national intersex-led charitable comp…

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Our board

…was a co-executive director between December 2016 and May 2021, alongside Morgan Carpenter and is now a vice-chair. Tony is one of Australia’s first intersex advocates, appearing on 60 Minutes in 2000 and 2005, and published in Nature in 2004. Tony more recently presented a statement to the UN Human Rights Council, in 2014. She is also a councillor of Hobsons Bay in Melbourne, the first openly intersex person elected to public office and the worl…

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Marriage and people with intersex variations

… Update: Senate hearing Morgan Carpenter participated in a Senate hearing in Canberra on 25 January, via teleconference. There are some errors in the proof version of Hansard, but the material is readable. Hansard transcripts of hearings References [1a, 1b, 1c] Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Intersex Awareness Day – Wednesday 26 October. End violence and harmful medical practice…

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…tion Intersex International Australia, Eve Black, Kylie Bond, Tony Briffa, Morgan Carpenter, et al. 2017. ‘Darlington Statement’. Sydney, New South Wales. Carpenter, Morgan. 2017. ‘Submission on the Yogyakarta Principles, 10 Year Review’. Carpenter, Morgan. 2018. ‘The “Normalization” of Intersex Bodies and “Othering” of Intersex Identities in Australia’. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, May, 1–9. Carpenter, Morgan. 2018. ‘The “Normalisation” of Inte…

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FINA regulations promote human rights violations

…ly possible with treatment, the regulations create a coercive environment. Morgan Carpenter, bioethicist and executive director of IHRA, comments: These regulations only add to the harm experienced by people with intersex variations in Australia. The women with XY traits primarily impacted by these regulations have not transitioned gender, they are not gender diverse, and they have often not had opportunities to participate in decision making abou…

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Submission to WPATH on the draft SOC8 intersex chapter

…2021 – A Vision for the Future, Dublin City University, April 21. Cour de Cassation. 2019. Cycle droit et bioéthique – Identité, sexe et genre. YouTube. Lee, Peter A., Anna Nordenström, Christopher P. Houk, S. Faisal Ahmed, Richard Auchus, Arlene Baratz, Katharine Baratz Dalke, et al. 2016. ‘Global Disorders of Sex Development Update since 2006: Percep…

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Timeline of legal, community and other key events

…eeches on intersex health and human rights take place in the Senate 2015 – Morgan Carpenter participates in the first UN expert meeting on ending human rights violations against intersex people, in Geneva 2016 – the Family Court adjudicates ‘Re: Carla (Medical procedure)’ – the judge describes prior surgeries (without court authorisation) on this preschool child with 17β-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 3 deficiency, described as a ‘sexual development…

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NSW election issues, 2019

….d. Equal Opportunity Act 2010 No. 16 of 2010. [13] Karkazis, Katrina, and Morgan Carpenter. 2018. ‘Impossible “Choices”: The Inherent Harms of Regulating Women’s Testosterone in Sport’. Journal of Bioethical Inquiry, August. [14] Jones, Tiffany. 2016. ‘The Needs of Students with Intersex Variations’. Sex Education16 (6): 602–18. [15] Schneuer, Francisco J, J…