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The unrelenting gaze

CAS decision on Caster Semenya: This is what injustice looks like

… It turns out that the IAAF regulations were changed during the course of proceedings at CAS: 6. During the course of the proceedings before the CAS, the IAAF explained that, following an amendment to the DSD Regulations, the DSD covered by the Regulations are limited to “46 XY DSD” – i.e. conditions where the affected individual ha…

Intersex for parents.

Intersex for parents

…we are including key references to improve transparency and fact checking. Carpenter, Morgan. 2018. ‘Intersex Variations, Human Rights, and the International Classification of Diseases’. Health and Human Rights 20 (2): 205–14. FDA. 2016. ‘FDA Drug Safety Communication: FDA Review Results in New Warnings about Using General Anesthetics and Sedation Drugs in Young Children and Pregnant Women’. Ce…