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Steph Lum, speaking at Women Deliver 2019

Steph Lum at Women Deliver 2019

…isation, and harmful practices because their bodies are seen as different. Steph Lum, co-chair of Intersex Human Rights Australia, discusses some of the experiences some intersex women face in their personal relationships and barriers in accessing appropriate healthcare at the Women Deliver 2019 conference in Vancouver, Canada, June 2019. This Power Talk was the first presentation on intersex at this global women’s conference. Watch here, an…

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Joint statement to the Congregation for Catholic Education

…ntersex individual subjected to surgery Shannon Brewington Matthew Edwards Stephanie Lum Kama Maclean Mark Willcox Manuela Falzone Jules Joanne Gleeson, VIMÖ Katrin Gerald Halmer Dr Rebecca Green Dorothea Giesche von Rüden, Intersexuelle Menschen e.V., Deutschland, OII Marlies Marlow Ostl Joery Buitelaar Elena-Maria Beenen Shone Edem, Interfaith Diversity Network of West Africa Natascha Herpich Rachel Garfield Emili Stevenson Alex Jürgen, VIMÖ All…

Steph Lum, photo by Georgia Andrews. Glasses by Irene Kuzemko

Steph Lum: “Intersex self-love”

Steph Lum. Photo by Georgia Andrews, glasses by Irene Kuzemko. Steph Lum (co-chair, IHRA) has won a prize for the poem “Intersex self-love”, in the Canberra SpringOut essay competition. This inaugural competition was supported by SpringOUT in partnership with the Equal Rights Coalition. Congratulations, Steph! You know what happened When they tried to make you normal All those appointments you hated Where they looked at you Touched yo…

Steph Lum in Geneva, 2018

Steph Lum: speech to Canberra think tank on LGBTIQ inclusion

Steph Lum in Geneva, June 2018 Steph Lum gave this speech to the Inclusive Canberra think tank, held by the ACT LGBTIQ Ministerial Advisory Council, on 14 November 2017. Tonight I am speaking as a young person with an intersex variation. I’m really encouraged that we have such a positive environment here in the ACT and there’s a lot of energy and will to make things better for the LGBTIQ community. But how we make sure that everyone within that c…

Health in Difference panel presentation

Steph Lum: panel presentation at Health in Difference

…in Difference, in Sydney, 12 April 2018. Good evening everyone, my name is Steph. My story is a story not often heard – it’s a story of just being a really boring everyday intersex person. Hey. Being intersex just does not affect my life on a day to day basis. I’m really glad I have my intersex variation. I can’t really imagine myself any other way. I would certainly never choose to have been born any differently. What I’m told is interestin…

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Our board

Steph Lum – Co-chair Articles by Steph Articles about Steph Steph first joined the board in February 2017, then took a leave of absence at the end of that year to take a short-term position with the Australian Human Rights Commission. They returned to the board, and the role of co-chair, in December 2018. Steph is a lawyer, working in the field of human rights law in Canberra, and has been admitted to the Supreme Court of the Australian Ca…

Health in Difference panel presentation

Health in Difference, 2018

…oroney, Steph Lum, Georgie Yovanovic, Candice Cody and Mani Mitchell. Read Steph Lum’s presentation Workshop sessions Bonnie Hart (AISSGA) and Mani Mitchell (ITANZ) led a workshop on working with intersex (diverse sex characteristics) clients. This interactive workshop is for mental health practitioners. It will explore the unique aspects of working therapeutically with the intersex community. We will establish a definition. We will clarify…

Intersex for allies

Intersex for allies

…only by people born with variations in sex characteristics. Co-chair Steph Lum gave a short Power Talk at the Women Deliver conference 2019 Are intersex people LGBT? Read more about respectful inclusion in research studies and forms Read our media and style guide Read about intersectionalities with LGBT peoples, disabled people, and women Some of us are LGBT, but many of us are not. We have the same range of identities as non-intersex people. Many…

Darlington retreat

Darlington Statement

…ws. 13 March 2017. Jones J. Intersex activists in Australia and New Zealand publish statement of priorities. Star Observer. 10 March 2017. Comment by Steph Lum, a director of OII Australia Statement: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 licence….

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UN Human Rights Committee calls for recognition of right to bodily integrity

…all deferrable interventions are deferred until we can personally consent. Steph Lum, chair of OII Australia, states: We are pleased to see the UNHRC deliver strong recommendations to Australia, in line with the Darlington Statement, on ending irreversible medical interventions that are not medically necessary and without fully informed and free consent. We are also pleased to see recognition that it is gender stereotyping that often forms the bas…

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IDAHOBIT statement, 2019

…oughout their lives. That is why I am personally against the use of “DSD”. Steph Lum, co-chair of IHRA, says: IDAHOBIT day is a time to celebrate and recognise the important history of the removal of homosexuality from the ICD. I call upon those celebrating IDAHOBIT day to act in solidarity with intersex individuals by acknowledging the ongoing pathologisation of intersex traits and recognising that there is much work to be done. The World Health…