Alex David talks with The Australian

Alex David photographed for The Australian by Glenn Hunt

Alex David, photographed for The Australian by Glenn Hunt

Thank you to Alex David and reporter Caroline Overington for this article in The Australian on 8 December 2016. It follows an earlier report by Caroline on the profoundly disturbing Family Court case Re Carla (Medical procedure).

Alex’s parents arranged for surgery and raised their baby as a daughter called Catherine because, says Alex, “it was medically easier. I had gonads removed when I was an infant and when I was seven they took me for cosmetic surgery on my genitals. It hurt me, physically and psychologically.” […]

At age 17, she was told the truth “and I grieved for six months, because I thought, I’ve been living a lie. So then I became Mark, and tried to live as a man. But now I’m Alex. I chose the name specifically because it’s gender­neutral. I’m not male. I’m not female. I’m me.” […]

Alex, from Brisbane, said: “The surgery on me wasn’t necessary and now it’s irreversible. I will be on hormone replacement the rest of my life. I wish they hadn’t done it … It was OK just to be me.”

More information

Overington C. Carla’s case ignites firestorm among intersex community on need for surgery. The Australian. 8 Dec 2016.

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