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About requests for information and services

Intersex Human Rights Australia Ltd (formerly OII Australia) is a not-for-profit organisation run by volunteers and two part-time staff.

If you’re unsure who people with intersex variations are, then please consider reading our introductory guide to intersex for allies and some basic demographic data.

Please note that we cannot and do not provide medical advice. We are unable to assist with migration inquiries.

If you seek assistance with your intake form, survey, academic study or research project, please read our notes on forms and research before contacting us.

Please bear in mind that we are obliged to prioritise our time to focus on our core aims and objectives, and it may take us time to respond to your inquiry. There are also occasions where we are unable to respond to queries.

We warmly welcome honest and constructively critical feedback that can help us to improve our services and advocacy work.

You are welcome to contact us online, or by phone or by post. Details below:

Contact us online

Please use the contact form below, or email us at

You can also message us via our Facebook page.

    Contact us by telephone

    Morgan Carpenter, co-executive director and NSW inquiries:
    +61 (0)418 356 131. Availability by phone can be constrained due to other commitments.

    Tony Briffa, co-executive director and Victoria inquiries:
    +61 (0)418 398 906. Availability by phone can be constrained due to other commitments.

    Contact us by post

    PO Box 51
    Altona Vic 3018