Membership applications currently suspended

As of May 2022, membership applications are not currently being accepted. We expect membership applications to be reopened later in 2022.

New members

We welcome new members, as individuals and organisations interested in supporting systemic advocacy and policy work in Australia and internationally! Please note that membership is not required in order to benefit from our work. IHRA is not an organisation that represents membership, we see our role more as a centre of expertise, and our services and our media group are open to non-members.

Membership in Intersex Human Rights Australia is open to intersex individuals, and non-intersex supporters, resident in Australia. Supporters can include non-intersex individuals, organisations and institutions. We also have an honorary membership category.

People born with intersex variations may become individual members. There’s no requirement to be “out” and visible, nor active. We recognise that everyone is different and our individual capacity changes over time. Members interested in a greater level of involvement and activity may wish to become part of the board.

Non-intersex people and organisations may become associate members, organisational members or corporate members.

The board of Intersex Human Rights Australia reserves the right to review and decline a membership application.

Important note regarding memberships: Membership does not mean that the member person, organisation or institution may speak on behalf of Intersex Human Rights Australia. Institutional membership, if granted, must not be taken to indicate or imply inclusive practice or good practice.

Application form

Currently offline.

Fees for new memberships

Membership fees are $10 for individual intersex members, and $20 for supporting associate members. Please contact us for information on organisational and corporate membership fees.

Membership fees can be paid using PayPal, via our donation page.

Renewing membership

From July 2016, memberships will be periodic, in accordance with the company constitution.

Rates for renewing members, as of July 2016, are as set out in our constitution:

Individual: $10
Associate: $25
Organisation (NGO): $50
Corporate member: $500
Honorary: nil

Membership renewal fees can be paid using PayPal, via our donation page.

More information

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