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Intersex Human Rights Australia (IHRA) can provide a range of services to individuals, organisations, institutions and community groups around Australia. Contact us for more information.

Advocacy, human rights and law reform

IHRA is actively engaged in promoting recognition of intersex people in law and regulations, with a particular focus on improving recognition of our health needs and human rights. Our contributions to public life in Australia include:

Peer support

There are currently no staffed publicly-resourced, independent peer support services for people born with intersex variations and our families. This is an issue on which IHRA advocates for reform.

People with intersex variations and our family members and allies may wish to join the Facebook group for IHRA friends and members. It is a “closed” group, to maintain the privacy of members. Please visit the group page if you wish to join. We warmly commend our friends in Intersex Peer Support Australia for peer and family support.

Employment and service delivery

We can advise on making your workplace and service intersex-inclusive, working with you to establish how the needs of intersex people can be met, and how to frame your service in ways that may be more appealing to an intersex audience. Examples include:

Custom training and education

EducationWe can offer advice on the impact of legislation and regulations, human resources and equal opportunity issues. Organisations to whom we have provided training and education services include:

Analysis, policy development work and education

Awareness raisingWe are experts. Our staff and board members regularly publish analysis and speak on policy issues. These also promote education and awareness-raising. We can help you to develop an understanding of the range and diversity of intersex people, our needs and issues, and your responsibilities in relation to anti-discrimination legislation. Relevant events include:

Analysis and information news articles have also been published in peer-reviewed journals and books, with decades of experience, as well as The Guardian, ABC’s The Drum (November 2013 and March 2014), as well as Australian LGBTI media such as the Star Observer.

Resource development

Intersex for alliesWe develop and produce a range of information resources, including leaflets for allies (our ‘101’ introductory resource), parents, and posters. You can find a curated collection of articles about fiction and non-fiction books, videos, films and audio on intersex issues. Our FAQs, submissions and policies are also available to view, alongside personal stories and comment.

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