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Public submissions to governments, institutions and other bodies.

the shape of Queensland, in purple

Response to development of a Queensland Trauma Strategy

Our submission on the development of the Queensland Trauma Strategy, focusing on intersex-specific experiences of trauma, and the omission of discussion of these experiences from materials produced on trauma in LGBTQIA+SB populations.


Pre-budget submission

IHRA has recently made a first pre-budget submission to Treasury, proposing the funding of a health service for people with innate variations of sex characteristics.

The logotype of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights

Submission to the UN Committee against Torture

Later this year Australia will be considered during the 75th session of the UN Committee against Torture. In 2016 we made a submission to the Committee under our former name, OII Australia. Given the time that has elapsed since then, and given local developments, we have submitted a new shadow report.