Health in Difference, 2021

Health in Difference conference logo 2021
This year’s Health in Difference conference takes place entirely online, due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Friday 16 April

Morgan Carpenter will be speaking in a panel discussion on policy and data collection at 12.30 on Friday 16 April, alongside Budget Haire (UNSW), Andrew Moore (ABS and Office for Women), and Michelle McNamara (TDV). The session is chaired by Daniel Comensoli (LGBTIQA+ Health Australia). The session will consider the new ABS Standard on sex, gender, variation of sex characteristics and sexual orientation variables.

Friday 23 April

Bonnie Hart (IPSA) will speak in a panel discussion on mental health at 9.45am on Friday 23 April, alongside Elizabeth Paton (Mindframe), Siobhan Irving (Macquarie University/Sydney Queer Muslims), Mandy Henningham (University of Sydney) and Leanne Beagley (Mental Health Australia). The session is chaired y Simon Ruth (Thorne Harbour Health).

Friday 30 April

Tony Briffa will deliver a keynote address on the final morning of the conference, at 9.35am.

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