Video/interview: Daléa talks about intersex and happiness

Daléa Rundblad is a master of symphonic rock living in New York, and she talks gently here about some big issues: living with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, intersex, bodies, family, disclosure and happiness.

I’m here to tell you that different doesn’t mean wrong. I’m here to tell you that where you come from does not have to define where you go.

Update: Cosmopolitan interview

Cosmopolitan: What It's Really Like to Be Intersex

Cosmopolitan explain:

Musician Dalea talks about how having an atypical body taught her to love herself…

Dalea is an up-and-coming musician in New York City, like many other people. Unlike many other people, Dalea also happens to be intersex. She spoke with about growing up different, struggling with her body image, and eventually learning how to embrace herself exactly as she is.

In August 2014, Daléa gave an amazing, open and honest interview in Cosmopolitan. We highly recommend reading her story.

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Cosmopolitan (22 August 2014) What It’s Really Like to Be Intersex

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