ILGA Europe’s summer magazine talks about intersex equality

ILGA Europe: Intersex - Summer 2014
ILGA Europe has published its summer magazine, Destination Equality, and this issue focuses on intersex. It includes an article and other content by Morgan Carpenter. In this edition:

  • Sophie Aujean, Senior Policy and Programmes Officer, explains how ILGA-Europe’s work on intersex issues has evolved, the importance of the three intersex forums in this context and what is on the agenda of ILGA-Europe in the coming years.
  • Get familiar with the basic concepts regarding intersex.
  • Morgan Carpenter, President of OII Australia, sums up why Australia is currently a champion in advancing the rights of intersex people.
  • Nils Muižnieks, Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, is explaining why the rights of intersex people should be put more firmly on the human rights agenda of national governments.
  • Dr. Dan Christian Ghattas from OII Europe is presenting an overview of the advocacy work that has been carried out so far on a European level.
  • Del LaGrace Volcano explains how art can be used as an intersex activism tool.
  • The cover features Mauro Cabral, photographed by Del LaGrace Volcano.

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