First Hollywood bio about an intersex person, Lili Elbe

Late last year it was widely reported that Nicole Kidman and Charlize Theron are to star in a fictionalised though somewhat biographical feature film, about Lili Elbe née Einar Wegener. She was the first publicly known intersex person.

Cover, The Danish Girl.

The film is The Danish Girl, based on the novel of the same name by US author David Ebershoff, and his book in turn was based on or at least inspired by the true story of Lili Elbe, whose memoirs were first published as Man into Woman in the 1930s. The book was republished in the UK by Blue Boat Books several years ago.

Nicole Kidman’s production company, Blossom Films, is producing the The Danish Girl under a production deal with Rupert Murdoch’s Twentieth Century Fox.

I am very interested in the progress of this movie and will be following it over time.

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