Letter to Australia’s Honorary Consul in Lagos, Nigeria


On 26 March, 2013 in Sapele, Nigeria, Pastor Henry Enuta was physically stripped and humiliated in public because he is an intersex person. Press reports contain sensationalised language, describing him as a hermaphrodite, describing his genitals, and containing mobile phone photographs showing torn clothes, and bare chest. According to news reports, he was almost killed by a mob before he was taken into custody by police.

Letter to Honorary Consul

To alan.davies [at] jamescubittarchitects.com

Dear Commissioner

I understand the commission in Nigeria is small and resource limited. I must however draw your attention to a terrible situation.

A person in Nigeria has been outed as Intersex subjected to public humiliation as in danger of losing their life at the hands of a “lynch mob”.

We have no resource in Nigeria and are unable to get someone there to assist. We ask that you make enquiries to ascertain if the person is safe and if they have the prospect of a safe life going forward.

If they do not we ask that you prevail on the Aid Budget to get sufficient resource to see the person is resettled in a safe environment or do whatever is necessary to see they are given asylum in Australia.

Please advise us at your earliest convenience what you can do to help in this awful situation and how we might likewise provide assistance.

Gina Wilson

President Organisation Intersex International Australia

More informtion

Please note that the following press report contains a salacious and humiliating photograph of this event.

Daily Post (21 March 2013) “Police save hermaphrodite from getting lynched in Sapele”