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Issues related to refugees, asylum, and overseas aid.

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A briefing on issues affecting people with innate variations of sex characteristics in detention settings.

Senthorun Raj, photo by Karin

Senthorun Raj on refugee claims

Churchill Fellow Senthorun Raj has shared a detailed report on asylum and refugee seeking for LGBTI peoples, covering casework, advocacy, and decision-making relating to LGBTIQ asylum claims in the US and UK.

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Letter to Australia’s Honorary Consul in Lagos, Nigeria

Background On 26 March, 2013 in Sapele, Nigeria, Pastor Henry Enuta was physically stripped and humiliated in public because he is an intersex person. Press reports contain sensationalised language, describing him as a hermaphrodite, describing his genitals, and containing mobile phone photographs showing torn clothes, and bare chest. According to news reports, he was almost…
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Intersex refugees not included in any nation’s refugee policies

Our thoughts have recently been on the possible fate of our friends and allies in African nations where homophobic persecution is rife. Intersex people living in countries with homophobic laws and practices face the death penalty simply for being born different. In some African nations intersex newborns are known to be killed as a matter…
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