Making your service intersex friendly

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Chris Somers xxy

This is an excellent and well thought out Guide which I believe will help everyone whosoever they are come to terms with those who have been born differently to most in some respects and yet are no less human than anyone else. It is a friendly yet assertive guide to help all who read it and should be circulated nationally if not internationally. I believe that it is an overdue guide that can only but do good, not only for those who are intersex but also those who are in the wider community, inclusive of Business, Industry, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Hospitals, Aged Care, Primary Health Care Provision, Parents, Siblings, etc. that make up our country of Australia.

I will do my utmost to send it far and wide, both here in Australia and elsewhere as I hope others will too. With many thanks for all those involved in making it a reality from Chris Somers xxy.

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