Peer and family support

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Intersex Human Rights Australia provides systemic advocacy and education services. We run a closed Facebook group for friends and members of IHRA. We collaborate with Intersex Peer Support Australia (IPSA) who lead in the provision of peer support for individuals and family members. IPSA runs a secret Facebook group for individuals and family members that is more support-oriented.

The private IHRA group

It is not necessary to be a member of IHRA to join our Facebook group – we deliberately make the group open to friends and allies as well. The group also provides a place to share and discuss news and other issues that members and friends wish to raise. The level of privacy associated with the group means that non-members can see who is a member, but cannot see any discussions. We see this as a balance between complete openness and complete secrecy. The group is intended to have an Australian focus and can be found at

Peer support by IPSA

IPSA provides volunteer-run support for individuals, parents, family members, and prospective parents, including via phone, email, in person and online. For more information, please contact Intersex Peer Support Australia.

IPSA also runs a secret Facebook support group for families and individuals. For safety reasons, the secret group is for IPSA members only. There is a small fee to join IPSA, and membership is open to intersex people and family members.

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