Author: Morgan Carpenter

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Call for action in NSW: intersex human rights and health issues

Intersex people have innate sex characteristics that don’t fit medical norms for female or male bodies. Because our bodies are seen as different, we experience discrimination and stigmatisation, including forced surgeries and other medical interventions – often in childhood or adolescence – to make our bodies appear or function more typically female or male. IHRA…
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Bonnie Hart, headshot. A smiling white woman with long brown hair and a colourful jacket

Welcoming Bonnie Hart

We are delighted to welcome Bonnie Hart to IHRA’s staff team, as our new Deputy Executive Director. Bonnie will lead work developing psychosocial support services by and for community. Like all our staff, Bonnie will work part-time.


Positive developments to end the year

In the last two weeks, we’ve welcomed three significant and positive developments to end the year, in the Commonwealth Parliament, in the Northern Territory and in Queensland.

Gabriel Filpi and Olympia Balopitos, in November 2022. Photo by Cody Smith.

Welcoming Gabriel and Olympia

We are excited to welcome our two new Senior Projects Officers: Gabriel Filpi and Olympia Balopitos. Cody Smith also steps into a new role as Training and Communications Officer.

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Vacancy for an Administrator: part-time, flexible location

We have a vacancy for an administrator. This is a part-time role will provide office support and is vital for the smooth-running of the organisation. The administrator will undertake administrative tasks, ensuring other staff have adequate support to work efficiently. The application deadline is 25 November.

Intersex Awareness Day 2019

Intersex Awareness Day, 2022

Today we day celebrate intersex people across the world and engage in challenging conversations about our human rights.