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Intersex people are diverse: some of us are married, or able to marry legally in Australia, while others of us are not. OII Australia supports a YES vote. We encourage our members, supporters and broader constituency to vote YES for marriage equality, and we encourage you to talk with your family, friends and colleagues about voting YES for marriage equality.

Tony and Manja speak on marriage equality at a rally in Melbourne, 2014.

Stories and submissions on marriage

Some examples of texts and stories about intersex people and marriage include:


How many intersex people are married? A 2015 survey of people born with atypical sex characteristics found that 12% of respondents were legally married, with their marriages recognised in Australia. 8% were in marriages that are not legally recognised here, and 15% were widowed, separated or divorced. Find out more demographic information.

Marriage and relationships

Marital status

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Please note that all work by OII Australia on marriage equality is unfunded.