Affirm the Darlington Statement

Existing and new intersex advocates from around Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand gathered for a two-day retreat on 9 and 10 April 2018 in Erskineville, NSW, in a follow-up event to the 2017 retreat that agreed the Darlington Statement. It followed a public call for expressions of interest in participation, and took place with kind support from the National LGBTI Health Alliance as well as IHRA, AISSGA and some participants.

Darlington 2 retreat participants

Participants at the Darlington 2 retreat

At the event, participants wrote two affirmation statements, to invite intersex people and our allies to affirm the Darlington Statement and commit to working alongside intersex-led organisations and advocates to pursue the objectives and demands in the Statement.

The Darlington Statement now also has a new home,

We invite you to add your name and that of organisations and institutions that you can speak on behalf of in support of intersex human rights. We invite you also to add a testimonial or comment if you wish. Anonymised comments may be included in submissions relating to the issues contained in the Statement.

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Affirm the Darlington Statement
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