You Can’t Ask That

In a photo for ABC, Alex holds a sign asking "were you raised as a boy or girl?

Alex David is one of two IHRA board members who participated in this program.

Season 4 of the ABC series “You Can’t Ask That” drops into iView tonight, Wednesday 3 April, at 9.30pm, to coincide with the broadcast of the first episode.

Episode 3 focuses on intersex people. It includes 8 brave and articulate people, including 2 board members of IHRA (Alex and Peter) and 6 signatories of the Darlington Statement.

A subject that is still widely misunderstood, secretive and rarely spoken about in detail, eight individuals reveal the complexities of being born with an intersex variation.

Intersex folk are likely to find the program triggering for a focus on genitals, while most people are likely to find it informative. The program shows off significant aspects of our diversity as a population, and it will hopefully help dispel many misconceptions about who we are. Consider watching with friends or family.

Here’s the episode preview:


Peter and Derek, in ABC's You Can't Ask That

Peter and Derek, in ABC’s episode of You Can’t Ask That, on intersex

Thanks so much to all the participants – Alex, Callan, Peter, Derek, Andrea, Natalie, Peter G, and Shon – and to the crew.

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The following pages may be useful to you if you have questions after watching the program:

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