Steph Lum at Women Deliver 2019

Women Deliver 2019 conference is described by the organisers as the “world’s largest conference on gender equality and the health, rights, and wellbeing of girls and women”. It has brought together speakers from around the world, including national leaders, health and legal experts, and advocates. We are proud that co-chair Steph Lum has participated in the event and the youth preconference, including in panels on LGBTIQ and disability intersectionalities, and a short Power Talk.

Intersex people – people born with variations in sex characteristics – risk violence, stigmatisation, and harmful practices because their bodies are seen as different. Steph Lum, co-chair of Intersex Human Rights Australia, discusses some of the experiences some intersex women face in their personal relationships and barriers in accessing appropriate healthcare at the Women Deliver 2019 conference in Vancouver, Canada, June 2019.

This Power Talk was the first presentation on intersex at this global women’s conference. Watch here, and congratulations, Steph!

We’d like to congratulate Steph, and thank Women Deliver, and partners and colleagues in ARC International, CREA, OutRight International, and other organisations for their welcome.

English / español / français / polski / русский – thank you to Brújula Intersexual for the Spanish subtitles, Magda Rakita for the Polish subtitles, an anonymous person for the French subtitles, and an anonymous person in Intersex Russia for the Russian subtitles.

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Women Deliver 2019 conference
Watch all of Day 3 on the Power Stage. Steph’s talk starts at around 4.08.14.