Webinar: Arpita Das on consent in gender assignment decisions in India

On Wednesday 15 December we held our last webinar of the year. We were delighted to welcome Arpita Das who presented this free event on ‘Interrogating consent in gender assignment decisions on intersex people in India’.

In this presentation, I explore aspects of consent and participation for intersex people and children in decisions regarding gender assignment. I also discuss how doctors make meaning of consent for intersex people.

Arpita Das is a lecturer and a doctoral candidate at the department of Gender & Cultural Studies, the University of Sydney. Her thesis focuses on medicalisation of intersex people within India’s postcolonial context. She has completed a MA in Social Work and a MA in Women’s & Gender Studies. She is interested in postcoloniality and biopolitics, reproductive technologies, gender-based violence and sexuality.

Thank you to Arpita for giving this presentation that generated many comments and questions. We are delighted that Arpita has now submitted her doctoral thesis and we wish her the very best of luck with its examination.