Webinar: Cody Smith on language for better conversations about intersex

Our very own Senior Project Officer, Cody Smith, presents their first webinar for IHRA and our first webinar of 2022. Cody presented a deep dive into the complexities of language in the intersex space. A lot of the language used among community members is complex and nuanced, engaging with often conflicting ideas of what it means to live with an innate variation in sex characteristics. A lot of this nuance is further lost in broader discussions where terminology developed for LGBTQA+ communities can be harmful to intersex discourse.

This was an opportunity to bring all those awkward questions you have about language, ideas, and communication, and pick it apart with someone who relishes the challenge of having better conversations about human rights. 

This one night only webinar took place on Wednesday 23 February at 6:30pm AEDT.

Like all our public webinars, this session took place via Zoom and was recorded to be shared online, on this page.