Welcoming Natalie Hamam!

We’re pleased to announce that the IHRA family has grown again with the addition of Natalie Hamam, an occupational therapist who lives on Wiradjuri Country, Albury NSW. Nat joins Bonnie as part of the Interlink team, adding capacity for more groupwork sessions as well as individual counseling.

A little bit about Nat in their own words.

Hi I’m Nat or Natalie and I’m the new mental health practitioner for InterLink. I’ve been an occupational therapist for 20 years and I have refined my counseling skills by years of specialising in the areas of sex and relationships. I have a graduate diploma in sexual health from the University of Sydney and have also completed a research masters where I got to listen to people with disabilities talk about their intimate lives. I learnt so much from these conversations and am deeply grateful to the people who gave their time to share their perspective. I love talking with people about topics that others find taboo and helping people find their voice for telling their own stories. I’m an endosex person described as female at my birth and I don’t have a strong sense of gender identity myself. I love playing cards and chess. I ride a motorcycle and go snowboarding when I can. I do crochet to unwind. I’m a solo-parent by choice and live my daughter Alice and our little dog Rocco.

Bonnie Hart adds.

I feel really fortunate to welcome Natalie to the InterLink team. Natalie brings a wealth of skills and experience to the Mental Health Practitioner role, really bolstering our support services for young people of all ages with innate variations of sex characteristics, parents and carers.

We’re very excited to have Nat on board and look forward to working with them to create supportive infrastructure for intersex people in the changing legislative landscape.