Author: Margie McCumstie

Celebration post for one year of Interlink services including counselling. Pie chart showing that Interlink services have been accessed by Adults 82%, Children 11%, Parents 5%, Couples 1%, Families 1% Maps of Australia and NZ showing percentage of locations accessing the services- QLD 10%, NSW 17%, ACT 14%, VIC 26%, TAS 6%, NT 2%, SA 1%, WA 20%, NZ 4%

Congratulations InterLink, it is time to celebrate!

We reflect on a remarkable first year since Bonnie Hart introduced the innovative InterLink psychosocial support service to IHRA. InterLink has evolved to offer both individual and group counselling to people with an IVSC of any age, their parents and carers from throughout Australia and Aotearoa/New Zealand. In addition, InterLink helps connect people with information,…
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Welcome to IHRA's Newest Team Members. Photo of Mira with label of Operations Manager. Mira has short, purple hair and is smiling. Photo of Margie with label Training & Communications Coordinator. Margie has long blonde hair and is also smiling.

IHRA welcomes two new talented team members

IHRA is excited to announce the appointment of two new talented individuals to the IHRA team- Mira Bouchmouny and Margie McCumstie. We welcome Mira Bouchmouny to the role of Operations Manager. Mira is a Lebanese born, queer migrant who grew up in Western Sydney on Gadigal Country. She completed her Bachelors in Gender Studies and…
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