IHRA welcomes two new talented team members

IHRA is excited to announce the appointment of two new talented individuals to the IHRA team- Mira Bouchmouny and Margie McCumstie.

We welcome Mira Bouchmouny to the role of Operations Manager.

Mira is a Lebanese born, queer migrant who grew up in Western Sydney on Gadigal Country.

She completed her Bachelors in Gender Studies and International Relations at UNSW before moving back to Lebanon where she spent 10 years working in the humanitarian and development sector, focusing on human rights for gender diverse persons and people experiencing displacement.

She currently lives on Naarm and recently completed a Masters in Development Studies at the University of Melbourne.

As a person who doesn’t have lived experience of being intersex, Mira values learning from persons who do as the experts, and hopes to bring her operations skills to support their work towards a world where people with innate variations of sex characteristics have full and complete bodily autonomy.

Mira can be reached at mira.bouchmouny@ihra.org.au.

We also welcome Margie McCumstie to the role of Training and Communications Coordinator.

Margie McCumstie, a proud intersex woman, has been an active advocate for the intersex community for over two years. She holds the position of Vice President at IPSA and serves as the co-state representative for both NSW and the ACT and has recently joined the NSW LGBTIQ+ Health Strategy Implementation Committee.

Leveraging her background as a Preschool teacher and her passion for children’s literature, Margie authored an intersex-themed children’s book titled “I am Me… Naturally!” Her advocacy work has led to interviews on JoyFM’s “The I in Us” show and 4ZZZ. Margie has also appeared on the Today Show, featured in Cosmopolitan magazine and the Courier Mail, and Radio 4BC. She has also delivered speeches to diverse audiences, including QE2 Hospital, FMD Financial, and Uncarved Woman.

Margie’s accomplishments extend beyond her advocacy work. She is a previous recipient of the Australian Small Business Champion award and the 2021 Altitude Award for the Purpose Driven Awards. Earlier this year, Margie travelled to India for the official opening of the Satya Marg Jeevan School which she has worked hard to help establish near Agra. Her rich experience in business and life allows her to share invaluable insights. Her professional journey is diverse, ranging from personal training to funeral celebrancy, with a touch of burlesque dancing for good measure.

Margie is a dynamic, creative, and determined woman, embodying empathy, strength, and resilience. In her own words, “When Passion meets purpose, anything is possible!” This statement encapsulates her vibrant spirit and unwavering dedication to the causes close to her heart.

Margie can be reached via margie.mccumstie@ihra.org.au.

IHRA is proud to welcome Mira and Margie to the team!