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Events on, or including, issues relevant to intersex people. Includes Intersex Awareness Day, conferences, research studies, community consultation and forums. Browse speeches made by IHRA directors, with transcript, video or audio content.

Intersex and trans roundtable meeting on health

Gina Wilson and Morgan Carpenter from OII Australia participated in the National LGBTI Health Alliance‘s first intersex and trans roundtable at the offices of the Australian Human Rights Commission on 18 and 19 June. Other intersex participants were Sandra, president of the AIS Support Group Australia, and Andrew, representing a Tasmanian group. From the Press…
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Marriage Equality Rally at ALP National Conference, Sydney, 3rd December 2011

OII Australia members were inside the ALP National Conference at Darling Harbour and were supporting the marriage equality rally outside the conference venue on Saturday December 3 2011. Intersex Australians lost the clear right to marriage when the Howard Liberal federal government amended the Marriage Act 1961, changing the definition of marriage as between two…
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An Australian intersex world first: intersex inclusion throughout Labor federal governing party policy platform reforms

OII Australia ally Rainbow Labor has welcomed changes in the Australian Labor Party policy platform that further support the LGBTI community and especially intersex people. As a result, Australia leads internationally in being intersex-inclusive.  Summary of changes to the ALP platform: Commitment under Labor Values to health care and specific health care needs of GLBTI Australians (140A)…
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Intersex Day of Remembrance tomorrow, Tuesday 8 November

The 8th November is Intersex Day of Remembrance and Herculine Barbin’s birthday. OII Australia and Organisation Intersex International would like to invite others to join us each year by commemorating November 8 as Intersex Day of Remembrance. All human rights organizations, feminist allies, academics and gender specialists, as well as other groups and individuals interested…
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Come celebrate Intersex Day of Remembrance at Court House Hotel in Newtown, Sydney, 6pm, Tuesday November 8th 2011

Members of OII Australia and our family, friends and supporters are gathering at the Court House Hotel in the inner city Sydney suburb of Newtown Tuesday evening – November 8th, Intersex Day of Remembrance and the anniversary of Adélaïde Herculine Barbin’s birthday – at 6pm. Come join us! The Court House is located at 202 Australia Street,…
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First ever international intersex forum agrees common platform

The world’s first International Intersex Organising Forum took place in Brussels between 3-5 September 2011. The historic event brought together 24 activists representing 17 intersex organisations from all continents and agreed a common platform.

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Rally for marriage equality rally in Sydney, 13 August

We have published some photographs from last Saturday’s rally for marriage equality in Sydney. Members of OII Australia often choose to attend these events because intersex people do not have the equal right to marriage in Australia under the amendments to the Marriage Act 1961. Although we did not contribute a speech on the lack…
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