Open call for members for international initiative on intersex depathologisation

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The World Health Organization has officially launched the 11th version of the International Classification of Diseases (ICD-11). Intersex activists and experts, as well as allies from different academic fields, engaged with the process around ICD-11, producing submissions to WHO on general and particular diagnostic language, as well as organizing and/or attending meetings with WHO staff involved in that process. In spite of those efforts, ICD-11 includes contentious pathologizing language on innate variations of sex characteristics. However, there are two key opportunities ahead:

  1. ICD-11 will be continuously reviewed and updated.
  2. WHO’s staff have manifested their interest in advancing towards the production of a Guideline focused on intersex people’s health and human rights.

In order to take the maximum possible advantage of these opportunities, the two organizations leading existing community-based work with WHO (GATE and IHRA) have decided to create an International Working Group on Intersex Depathologization (IDepath).


IDepath will:

  • Hold clinical organisations to account, ensuring that medical practices in relation to people born with variations of sex characteristics meet human rights norms.
  • Continue to manifest and build compelling cases for reform of relevant International Classification of Diseases 11 codes.
  • Define and implement goals and strategies in relation to intersex-related reforms of the International Classification of Diseases 11.
  • Engage with the World Health Organization and other relevant institutions.
  • Support engagement with potential and actual project funders.
  • Produce and/or collaborate in the elaboration of toolkits, webinars, workshops and/or other training initiatives.

IDepath will be coordinated by Mauro Cabral Grinspan (GATE) and Morgan Carpenter (IHRA). It will work in English, with translation to other languages subject to budgets.

We are looking for members (intersex/endosex) with established expertise. Consider applying!

More information

Closing date for applications: 20 August.

Download the Terms of Reference for details (PDF format).